At this point we are quite confident that public The Old Reader will be available in the future, now with a proper team running it.

More details later this week.
Sorry about Monday. Again.

I really enjoy watching the fallout when tech companies (they’re not even a company in this case, this is just a couple folks’ hobby) do something totally normal and a bunch of entitled jerks flip out. It’s awesome that TOR has been running even as well as it has, and it’s obvs the people behind it have been going to great lengths to keep it up and keep it free.

The way this went down is exactly what happened with Yahoo and Delicious. They said they were shutting it down, and that got enough attention that someone popped up and offered to buy it to keep it going.

I also would have been happy to pay for TOR, just like I paid for Pinboard when I thought Delicious would be going away. Seems like they could have avoided their downtime and other problems by figuring out a payment scheme and spending that money on a stronger architecture and someone to manage it. But that’s a whole different set of hassles.